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Special Education

"Life is a gift. Never forget to enjoy and bask in every moment you are in."
Photo Name Position/Classes Email Website
Ms. Sweeda Jodi Bateman  World Civilization
Ms. Ford Rebecca Ford PeerTutor/Life Skills  
  AmyJ Amy Jaskowick
Peer Tutor
Learning Strategies
Life Skills  
  Joseph Krueger
Peer Tutor
Learning Strategies
Life Skills
  Jeff Lewis
Core Remediation
English 12
US. Gov.
Financial Lit.  
  Jamie Maiello
Learning Strategies
Core Remediation
Math 2 with Lab
Math 1 with Lab
Math 1
  Ms. McGovern
Terry McGovern
Department Head
  Randy Schembri
Learning Strategies
Math 1 with Lab
  STimothy Shelley Timothy
Learning Strategies
US History
World Civlizations
SpEd Testing
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Para- Educators
 Bulloch Tammy Bulloch
 Coster Darlene Coster
 Garcia Chelby Garcia
 Higgins Breanna Higgins
 Johnson Gabrielle Johnson
  Heather May
 Moore Kirsten Moore
  Melissa Perkins
  Caitlyn Robison
  Annette Reudter
  Melissa Wallace