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Career & Technical Education

"Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master."
-Christian Lous Lange
Photo Name Position/Classes Email Website
  Anthony Barbiero
Foods 1  
Mr. Champneys Coby Champneys Agricultural System Technology I & II  (Welding)
Adv Agricultural Mechanics
Weld 1020 -Snow College
  Mr. DeCarvalho Daniel DeCarvalho Basic Auto
Auto 1
Auto 2
Auto 3  
Mr. Florence Michael Florence Furniture Design
Cabinet Making/CMGT 13040
  David Giles
Sports Medicine
  Mr. Gowans
Robert Gowans
Department Head
Animal Science 2
Advanced Floriculture/PSC 1800
Ag. Leadership
Mrs. Henwood Natalie Henwood
Adult Roles
Child Development
Early Childhood 
Interior Design 1 & 2
Interior Design 1010 (concurrent)
Mrs. Jackson Gina Jackson
Business Management
Hospitality & Tourism
Accounting 1  
  Tally Lundgreen
Intro to Health
Medical Terminology  
Mr. Nielson Lyle Nielson
Business Law
Sports & Entertainment
Digital Marketing
Business Office Specialist  
  Kassidie Russell
 Equine Science
 Natural Resources 1 & 2
 Animal Science 1
 Animal Science 2  
Mr. Peacock Ryan Peacock
TV Broadcasting
Video Production
Journalism 1 & 2
ETA 9-10
Peer Leadership  
  Mrs. Shields Janette Shields
Vet Science
Animal Science
8th grade Ag Science
Biology Ag
Ag Bus Communications
Mrs. Smith
Michelle Smith
Department Head
Apparel & Design 1 & 2
Child Development
Foods 2
Fashion strategy
  Steve Swartzfager Criminal Justice
Law Enforcement  
Mr. Valdez Cody Valdez Tech Design
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student password: stu[lunch#]
  Mrs. Warby
April Warby
Department Head
Exploring Computer Science
Web Development & Advanced Web
Digital Graphic Arts Intro
Marketing 1 & 2
Student username: SSID#
Student password: stu[lunch#]
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