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Purple Student/Athlete of the Week THS

"There is not a better athlete and leader than Julian!  He works harder than anyone every single day.  Shows up early and stays late to all workouts.  He is a great example ofhard work and dedication to the team and program.  He lifts all his teammates up and everyone wants to be better and work harder when Julian is around.  I wish every coach could have an amazing young athlete like Julian in their program every year!"

I would like to nominate Cecilia Davis as student of the week. She is in my Honors English class and always comes prepared to class. She works hard and produces excellent work. She takes Honors Math 2/3, Honors Chemistry, and Honors ASL and has A's in all of her classes. She is always attentive in class and never a behavior problem. Cecilia is an example of scholarship, behavior and work ethic for all students.”

Kate Walker is the Purple Athlete of the Week.  Kate is a team captain and is an amazing leader in the pool and out of the pool. She is a hard worker and always has a positive attitude.
“Joscelyn always has a great attitude and a smile for everyone around her. She is willing to help other students and does a great job explaining. She can be counted on to do her best and to do it with a smile on her face. She notices other students and tries to be helpful and kind to everyone.” 
Ryan Beard is this week’s Purple Athlete of the Week.  His swim coach, Holly Tate, says Ryan has been really working hard and is a great leader in and out of the pool.
Congratulations, Ryan!

Tyler is everything wonderful in a peer, and a fantastic student. The other day he came to class and I saw him take a second and personally welcome everyone to class as they came in the door. The smile on a few of the faces was such a treat for me. It was unprompted and sincere and he made every single student feel good!

I love the consistency of Tyler. He works hard to understand difficult material, and then he immediately helps others who are struggling. He comes to math prepared to learn, and he is a positive influence on the class. There are days when I find him giving up his own time to work on assignments to help classmates who did not understand the math as quickly. He is an A+ student.”

Preston has consistently worked hard to complete his work and participate in class.  His work is always completed to the best of his abilities.  His penmanship is beautiful and a welcome relief for a high school teacher.  He asks great questions when he doesn't understand and participates in discussions.  He is never content to "just get by or get it done." He always wants to do his best work.  He is a great example to other students.
Samantha is a born leader! She has organized fun activities for team members to do both on and off the field. She encourages her team members to do their best. She makes each team member feel welcome.  She follows the rules of the game and loves playing soccer!


Jake makes playing soccer fun for all involved! He is a friend to everyone. He keeps calm, cool and collected even when the game may get tough. He is focused during games and practices. He is a great part of our team! He is a great example of what is expected of a Tooele High School student athlete on and off the field. 

“I love how Griffen comes to class prepared to learn and help. He is constantly helping others. I have found there are times when he gives up his own time to work on math to help a struggling student. He raises his hand and is willing to take chances during math - EVERY SINGLE day. He brings up the entire class.” 
“Lindsey works so hard to maintain her grade point average and has set a goal to have a 4.0 throughout high school. In class she befriends and helps everyone, helping create a safe space for all of her peers. She is busy with cross country and placed really well this week at region.”
"Whitney is extremely self-driven and motivated. She adjusts to whatever the team needs from her each game. She lifts everyone on the team up with her energy and competitiveness."
“Kelsey is one of the hardest working kids I've met. She works so hard at everything she does whether its school, FFA, sports, or her livestock projects. She always gives 110%. Kelsey has become a great leader in our FFA chapter and other kids look to her for guidance. She's definitely going to accomplish some big things!” 

Cooper goes above and beyond in all aspects of life. He has a really good work ethic, and he applies himself in school as well as sports. He is involved in High School Rodeo and is out of class a lot, but his grades haven’t ever slipped”


Mapa has change our program at Tooele High. He has been trying to reach out to students in class to feel more welcome here at Tooele. Mapa has helped out students in needs when they don’t have a lab partner or sitting at lunch with students. On the field Mapa has played about every position to help our football team have success. He has always told me as “whatever position you need me to play this week I will do it for our team”.  I’m proud to spotlight Mapa and we love him and us coaches our very excited for his future. 



Congratulations to Kaytlynn Montoya! She is our Purple Student of the week!


Kaytlynn has continually put forth a lot of effort in class since the beginning of the school year. She is proactive with her engagement in class and bravely shares her opinion and thoughts on what we're doing. I've been very impressed with her desire to learn and contribute to the learning of others.”
**No Picture Available**

It is with great pleasure that I nominate Christina Proebstel for the THS Student of the Week. Since the beginning of the school year Christina has demonstrated an incredible dedication to mathematics. Time and time again Christina has shown that she is very dedicated to her studies. She shows this by coming prepared to class, completing her assignments early, and going above and beyond what is expected of her. Christina always wants to keep moving forward in her learning. She has an extreme thirst for knowledge, and her curiosity for learning will drive her success in the future. Christina is always on time to class, and always participates. She has also taken great leadership in class and helps others to participate and succeed in class as well. On top of demonstrating excellent performance in my class, Christina also has excellent grades in her other classes as well.
In her free time Christina enjoys reading and studying while drinking milk shakes.”


Salix Shirley is an attendance aide in my office. She is dependable, pleasant and professional. She is always on time, willing to help and handles the stress in here very well. She takes her education seriously and maintains a 3.9 + while still playing volleyball and being very involved in school activities.”


Phillip comes to class smiling every day. During our jeopardy game he was AMAZING! He is very gifted at math and when he noticed others struggling he was quick to aid them. He didn't give any answers instead he helped the students learn. I think he made up in 20 minutes what I had spent two weeks trying to teach. He is a joy to be around for all the students.


Nathan is a senior captain who welcomes everyone and tries to include everyone in all team activities. 


Liberty has grown before my eyes over the past four years to become both an amazing athlete and young lady. Her enthusiasm for soccer and all her teammates is second to none. In the past week she has had three outstanding performances, scoring a goal and creating multiple chances for her teammates. Her spirit, geniality, kindness and radiance are infectious, she truly does make a difference to everyone around her. 


“Liberty is hard working and always up for a challenge. She juggles multiple extra-curricular activities with a happy, helping attitude. She offered to work on extra chalk murals to help us finish up in style.”


Nominated by Kassidie Russell & Ty Bevan:

 “Jayse goes above and beyond all the time to include everyone. He picks up new kids and takes them to lunch with him and he just tries to be a friend to everyone.”

 “Jayse works harder than most students.” “Despite his difficulties he never lets it hold him back from accomplishing his goals.”


AJ Griffith is this week’s Tooele Hiigh School’s Purple Athlete of the Week.  According to his golf coach, Tom Ware, AJ showed the most improvement and had his best round of the year this past week.  He was happy and interacted well with the group he played in.  AJ offered several times to help clean the school vans and encouraged his teammates that were feeling down.

Anthony "Tony" has shown an amazing dedication to his school work in these first 2 weeks of school. He goes above and beyond to help his peers in my class. He communicates very well with me about his learning and needs. Tony shines bright above the rest of his class and deserves some recognition.


Madeline Shepard is one of my captains and one that focuses on the team. She has played well and won a lot this year, but the important thing is she is a gamer. She battles all points, even if she is down big in the match. She attacks every point. She is on a team where coaches of opposite teams always say how nice our girls are and how friendly they are. She is easy to coach. She is asked to do something and she truly tries to change her game and has changed her game. She is 7-2 in her matches thus far this season.