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Purple Student/Athlete of the Week THS


Nathan is a senior captain who welcomes everyone and tries to include everyone in all team activities. 


Liberty has grown before my eyes over the past four years to become both an amazing athlete and young lady. Her enthusiasm for soccer and all her teammates is second to none. In the past week she has had three outstanding performances, scoring a goal and creating multiple chances for her teammates. Her spirit, geniality, kindness and radiance are infectious, she truly does make a difference to everyone around her. 


“Liberty is hard working and always up for a challenge. She juggles multiple extra-curricular activities with a happy, helping attitude. She offered to work on extra chalk murals to help us finish up in style.”


Nominated by Kassidie Russell & Ty Bevan:

 “Jayse goes above and beyond all the time to include everyone. He picks up new kids and takes them to lunch with him and he just tries to be a friend to everyone.”

 “Jayse works harder than most students.” “Despite his difficulties he never lets it hold him back from accomplishing his goals.”


AJ Griffith is this week’s Tooele Hiigh School’s Purple Athlete of the Week.  According to his golf coach, Tom Ware, AJ showed the most improvement and had his best round of the year this past week.  He was happy and interacted well with the group he played in.  AJ offered several times to help clean the school vans and encouraged his teammates that were feeling down.

Anthony "Tony" has shown an amazing dedication to his school work in these first 2 weeks of school. He goes above and beyond to help his peers in my class. He communicates very well with me about his learning and needs. Tony shines bright above the rest of his class and deserves some recognition.


Madeline Shepard is one of my captains and one that focuses on the team. She has played well and won a lot this year, but the important thing is she is a gamer. She battles all points, even if she is down big in the match. She attacks every point. She is on a team where coaches of opposite teams always say how nice our girls are and how friendly they are. She is easy to coach. She is asked to do something and she truly tries to change her game and has changed her game. She is 7-2 in her matches thus far this season.