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Concurrent Enrollment

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Important CE Information



  • Concurrent Enrollment classes are college classes. The grade a student receives in concurrent enrollment will become part of their official college transcript. 
  • A student will receive a grade only at the end of the semester and it will be worth 1 full high school credit. For example, if a student receives a B in their concurrent enrollment class, it is equivalent to receiving 4 B's in a high school class for GPA computation.
  • Concurrent enrollment is open to juniors and seniors with a GPA of 2.5 for CTE classes and 3.0 for general education classes.  Math 1050,1060 requires a 23 on the math section of the ACT.  Math 1030 & Stat 1040 require a C average in Math 1,2,3.
  • Many concurrent enrollment classes at THS are broadcasts originating at another location. Students are responsible for using the equipment and participating even when their instructor is off-site.
  • If a student receives a D or F in concurrent enrollment, they are no longer eligible to take future CE classes. In addition, students must pass (with a C) 66% of their college classes to be eligible for federal financial aid (FAFSA) - this includes Pell Grants and Federal Student Loans.
  • Because concurrent enrollment results in college credit, an adjunct faculty member (an THS teacher who is teaching a college level course) is under the authority of the college they teach for. The high school classroom becomes a college classroom for that class. Students who are on an IEP or 504 plan must make arrangements through the college disability center for any accommodations needed.
  • Withdrawal from a CE class after the registration deadline will result in a 'W' on a student's college transcript. Students who drop college classes must meet with their counselor and Mrs. Jensen room 209.
  • Class availability is subject to change based on college staffing.
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uEarn college credit while in high school

uSaves Money

uNo long distant travel ~ College courses are taught at your high school or CLC

uTaught by college instructors or qualified adjunct teachers

uSmaller class sizes

uPrepares you for college while living at home


uHigh School Junior or Senior

uCumulative GPA 3.0 or higher / 2.5 for select career & technical education and Art classes

uApproval by High School Counselor and CE Coordinator

uQualifying Placement Test or ACT scores are required for some classes

uMaintain a “C” grade in CE classes


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Admissions & Registration Links


                              Deadline Dates are on Each site


Utah State University

$50.00 Admissions Fee

$5.00 per credit Partial Tuition Fee/subject to change


Salt Lake Community College

$40.00 Admissions Fee   

$5.00 per credit Partial Tuition Fee/subject to change


Weber State University 

$30.00  Admissions Fee

$5.00 per credit Partial Tuition Fee /subject to change


SNOW College

$30.00  Admissions Fee

$5.00 per credit Partial Tuition Fee / subject to change


Once a student completes admissions and pays the one-time admission fee, they will receive a college identification number. It is the responsibility of the student to then register for the individual classes they will be taking. Tuition for concurrent enrollment is $5.00 per credit.  Most CE classes are 3 credit hours.


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CE Courses offered at THS 

3.0 GPA or higher Required

English 1010 Intro to Writing (Seniors only)     

English 2015 Intermediate College Writing (Seniors only)

English 2200 Understanding Literature

Math 1030 Quantitative Reasoning

Math 1040 Statistics

Math 1050 College Algebra

Geology 1010

History 1700

Psychology 1010

Political Science 1100 (Seniors only)

Human Development 1500

Medical Terminology HEAL 1010

Humanities USU 1320

AGBS 1010 Animal Science

ECON 1500 Economics

PSC 1800 Plant and Soil Science

TEAL 1010 Intro to Education

Sports Med. RHS 2175

Emergency Response RHS 2300

Chemistry 1010


2.5 GPA or higher

Auto 1010

Interior Design 1010

Intro to Engineering Design PDD 1010

Architectural Design I & II BDC1050/1350

Welding 1020

Ag. Leadership CTEL 1010


2.5 GPA or higher CLC Courses


Criminal Justice

Criminal Law


Law Enforcement

Homeland Security





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Opportunity Scholarship 

These requirements were created after examining data from the last five years of Utah high school graduates to identify the top predictors of college success.

  • Earn a 3.3 cumulative high school GPA
  • Complete 3 advanced courses
    • Complete 1 Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), or Concurrent Enrollment (CE) course in each of the core areas of high school graduation:
      • math,
      • science, and
      • language arts
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Graduate from a Utah high school

For the class of 2022 only: Students graduating with the class of 2022 may qualify for the Opportunity Scholarship through a Regents’ Track by completing the requirements previously set for the Regents’ Scholarship or the Advanced Course Track by meeting the requirements detailed above. Details regarding Regents’ Track can be found here.

For the class of 2023 and beyond: Students may only qualify for the Opportunity Scholarship by completing the advanced course track described above. No exceptions will be made.

Which Math is Right for YOU?


Students - did you know that for many majors you can finish your college math credit while you are in high school?  Just search for your intended major at the college you are planning to attend to check their math requirements 


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Request a Transcript 
Click on or Copy and Paste the link below
National Student Clearinghouse  

                      Advance Placement                 Concurrent Enrollment 


Cost:                   $93 per AP Test                    $50 or less one time admissions fee plus $15-$20 tuition fee/class


Pass Rate:          60% earn a score of 3 or higher                               95% earn a grade of D- or higher,

                                                                                                                       80% earn a grade of C or higher




While most institutions accept AP score 3 or higher, it is up to the discretion of the institution how that is recorded. 


CE credit is recognized as regular college credit and is Tran scripted the same way as credit for courses taken on a college campus. If a student transfers this credit to another college or university in Utah, it counts as if the student took the course there.


Teacher Qualifications:


AP instructors must meet requirements that have been established by the College Board.


CE instructor must possess the academic and industry credentials required by the academic department for adjunct faculty.




AP carries a slightly lower risk. If a student fails it is not recorded on a permanent college transcript.


Grades earned in a CE class become part of a student’s permeant academic record.


Overall Experience:


The primary focus of AP is helping students get a head start on college by earning college credit, and to give students a rigorous classroom experience that prepares them for college.



The primary focus of CE is also helping students get a head start on college by earning college credit. Also allows students to learn college admissions and registration processes.  And begin a college academic planning process.

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Associate Degree Information

It is possible for a student to earn an Associate of Arts degree while in high school. The degree is awarded by Utah State University. Interested students must meet with Mrs. Jensen Room 209 in the spring of their SOPHOMORE year.  Students will then be required to meet with an academic advisor at Utah State University Tooele to map out a plan for completion.  Students will need to take classes beginning the summer after their sophomore year in order to complete the necessary 30 credit hours per year. Summer classes will be full-price tuition.




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