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Principal's Message

December 3, 2018




     TO:         ALL Parents and Students at Tooele High School, 2018-2019


FROM:           Jeffrey D. Hamm, Principal, Tooele High School


Dear Parents and Students:


          Happy Holidays!  It appears that Winter is upon us, bringing with it ALL the excitement and opportunity of our Winter Sports programs, Winter Dance and Music Concerts, Winter Tree Festival, and the Winter Ball.  Best of luck to ALL our students and staff involved with each of these extracurricular programs--enjoy your respective seasons!!


Attached you will find your child's mid-term grades for second-quarter.  We would ask you to please review these with your student(s)--including accessing the fuller, more detailed report on the SIS (Aspire) grading system--and then contact your child(s) teacher(s) if you have any additional questions or concerns regarding their grades.  We would also ask you to review your student's attendance periodically--and consistently--with them so that there are not any surprises at the end of the quarter (or year) with "UA's" and/or any other potential truancy issues. 


          We would like to share a couple other items of information from THS, as follows . . .


  • 5A Can Wait (for at least two more years): When the dust settled from the UHSAA’s initial realignment proposal for the next two years, Tooele was the bottom school in Class 5A. However, because we were on the “bubble,” we were given the opportunity to appeal our placement to stay in Class 4A, which we did, and our appeal was successful (whew!)!  So, as of right now, our new Region for next year looks like this:


  • Ben Lomond
  • Cedar Valley
  • Juan Diego (for everything but Football)
  • Mountain View
  • Ogden
  • Park City (for Football only)
  • Stansbury
  • Tooele
  • Uintah


We look forward to whatever challenges lie ahead and competing in Class 4A for at least two more years until the next regularly-scheduled UHSAA realignment in 2020.



  • Truancy Tickets are Coming: The time has come for us to align our attendance practices with the other two valley high schools in our District (Grantsville and Stansbury). The reason for this is because we have been seeing a gradual increase in the number of tardies and unexcused absences (sluffs) at Tooele High School this year.  Thus, in response to this trend, we will be issuing tardy and/or truancy tickets starting in the second semester of this academic year (effective Monday, January 14, 2019). 


Our admittedly high expectations for ALL students have never wavered at Tooele High School:  in class, on time, every day.  It is black and white; students are either in class and out of the hallways by the time the tardy bell rings, or they are not.  If they are not--and if they do not have an admit slip from the attendance office or a hall pass--they will now run the risk of being issued a “Tardy Ticket,” starting in January.  Tardy Tickets will be administered according to the following three-strike rule:


1st Ticket: Warning and a Phone Call Home
2nd Ticket: $3.00 Fine*
3rd Ticket (and every ticket thereafter): $5.00 Fine*


[*For those who cannot afford to pay their fines, alternative methods of makeup for tardy tickets will be provided.  More specific information will be forthcoming as second semester draws near.]


Please understand that we have no desire to play “gotcha” with kids; nor are we looking to profiteer off anyone’s poor attendance habits.  Truth be told, it would be much easier for us to simply ignore the problem and hope for it to get better without doing anything different at all.  But we can no longer let these truancy issues slide.  Good attendance is tied to good grades and better academic performance all the way around, which is what we are constantly striving for at Tooele High School--to be the BEST!!


Thus, we are simply implementing these tardy and truancy tickets to serve as a deterrent, and to help our students stay motivated to attend ALL their classes, on time, every day.  We simply wanted to make you aware now that this will be happening next semester so that parents will have time to discuss this new protocol with their students.  As always, we appreciate everyone’s support in helping our students achieve their potential and ultimately grow and mature into the best versions of themselves.


  • Graduation Gowns: Because Josten’s is in a transition year where they needed to replace all their inventory in 2019, we were given a one-time opportunity to design our own graduation gowns--unique to Tooele High School--beginning with this year’s graduating class of The only caveat was that everyone has to wear the same color.  So, we have been working closely this year with our Student Body Officers and Senior Class Officers in making these choices and designing this gown for ALL our graduating Seniors.  To this end, it has been determined that every graduating Senior will wear a purple gown (what else?) beginning with this year’s class of 2019.  The purple gowns have our school crest embroidered on the left shoulder. 
  • Sterling Scholars: Congratulations to ALL our Sterling Scholar winners this year—their collective ACT average was well over 30+
  • Preston Bowden, Social Science
  • Turin Briggs, Computer Technology
  • Jefferson Dillon, Dance
  • Lillian Gebs, Vocal Performance
  • Conway Hogan, Mathematics
  • Simon Ignat, Debate/Theatre Arts
  • Hannah Jenkins, English
  • Bryceson Kenison, Skilled and Technical
  • Spencer Kenison, Science
  • Matthew Neff, World Languages
  • Carl Raddatz, Business
  • Nathan Swan, Instrumental Music



  • We also had six Academic All-Staters in three different Fall Sports, as follows:
  • Conway Hogan, Football
  • Simon Ignat, Cross-Country
  • Hannah Jenkins, Cross-Country
  • Makayla Komer, Cross-Country
  • Makayla Komer, Soccer
  • Natalie Stewart, Cross-Country


  • Winter Sport TEAM GPAs: Finally, every single one of our Varsity Winter Sports Teams led every other team in Region XI Team GPAs, as follows:
    • Boys Basketball – 3.703 Girls Basketball – 3.906
    • Boys Swimming – 3.547 Girls Swimming – 3.702
    • Wrestling – 3.602 Drill – 3.631


Congratulations to ALL and thank you for representing Tooele High School with GREAT Buffalo Pride!  We are SUPER PROUD of our Academic Accomplishments!!


          Finally, please review the attached Dates of Importance to keep up with what’s going on at our school during the month of December.  Our Winter Recess runs from Monday, December 24-Tuesday, January 1.  Classes will resume on Wednesday, January 2, 2019.


~Dates of Importance:  DECEMBER 2017~

  • Freshman CCR’s (continued):                                                      December 2018
  • Mid-Terms Go Home (via email only):                         Monday, December 3
  • Winter Tree Festival:                                     Monday-Thursday, December 3-6
  • Combined Band/Choir/Orchestra Christmas Concert:        Thursday, December 20
  • Last Day of School for 2018:                                             Friday, December 21
  • Winter Recess (No School):               Monday, December 24-Tuesday, January 1
  • Merry Christmas!!                                                          Tuesday, December 25


As always, we would like to thank you for your ongoing patience, understanding, and support as we have gotten everything up and running this year and, hopefully, gotten everyone working together on behalf of ALL our students.  We appreciate the opportunity we have to work with you on behalf of your students each and every day.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns; I can be reached at the enclosed (email) address and/or telephone number(s) during school hours at your convenience. 


Thank you for your interest in and continued support of Tooele High School!!






Jeffrey D. Hamm, Principal                                          

Tooele High School                                                                              (435) 833-1978